We design and deliver comprehensive transport systems.

Internal transport systems. Our solutions are used to transport both small, light elements and large, heavy pallets. Each implementation is tailored to the individual needs of the client and constitutes a complete system.

We offer various types of conveyors: straight, bend, inclined with many types of carriers: belts, chains, plates, modular belts, rollers and special devices: spirals, buffer tables, side transfers, pushing systems, elevators and many others. It can be a stand-alone transport line or an integrated part of a larger line.

AGV self-propelled trolleys (Automated Guided Vehicles) provide maintenance-free transport of components from the storage area to the assembly area. AGV can act as a “locomotive” pulling “carriages”, as well as an independent vehicle carrying components directly on it.

The offer includes both the simplest trolleys, which are delivered in the form of a self-assembly kit for dedicated solutions operating in a wireless network, equipped with many accessories, e.g. electric rollers for automatic loading and unloading of containers. Load up to 2,000kg.

Completed implementations