Automated Warehouse Suite

Systems Integration

The built-in system enables integration of the AGV trolley control system, conveyor system, stacker cranes with Warehouse Management System (WMS) class systems.

In addition to the interface connecting the Automated Warehouse Suite (AWS) with WMS, the system has a module for mapping the warehouse area or production halls, works management and management / control of transport orders.

AWS is a robot management application that allows you to constantly monitor the status of all AGV robots working in the factory. The AWS application allows you to observe the work of robots in real time, their parameters and statistics of operation.

The application works with management software to visualize basic system information. It allows you to add tasks to the management queue’s order queue, and also lets you control the robot manually.

The last element of the built system is a mobile application that allows you to check the status of robots and manually control the selected robot.

Functionality is ensured by the selection of the most commonly used options and full responsiveness, thanks to which the software is available for smartphones and tablets with the Android system.